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The annual Knutepunkt conference is the beating heart of the Nordic Larp community. Each year, the conference is accompanied by a book that contains the very latest in larp analysis, theory and experience. The tradition of publishing Knutepunkt books has held on for around twenty years and together the books form the strongest collection of larp thinking in the world.

The Knutepunkt book for 2021 is the Norwegian Book of Magic, a playful collection of essays with titles such as “Finding the magic in the mundane”, Immersion as therapy”, “Conjuring an auto-erotic larp”, “Why larp community matters and how we cna improve it” and “Creating magical romance play”.

If you want to know what’s happening in Nordic Larp right now, this is your book.

The book is edited by Kari Kvittingen Djukastein, Marcus Irgens, Nadja Lipsyc and Lars Kristian Løveng Sunde. The gorgeous visual presentation is by the graphic designer Anna Serup Grove. The book is dedicated to the Belarus larp community, suffering under autocratic repression.

Hardcover, 410 pages, full color

Published at the Knutepunkt 2021 conference


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