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Larp Design is, simply, the best and most comprehensive book about larp design ever published. The culmination of three decades of larp design development in the Nordic countries, it collects together articles from the best designers in the field on all relevant subjects, from character design to physical production. It seeks to distill the collective understanding of the Nordic Larp scene on how larp is made and communicate it in a series of clear design articles.

Written by 65 authors from 10 countries, the book covers the theoretical foundations of larp design, designing what happens before, during, and after runtime, and advice for collaborations between larp designers and practitioners of other arts. Beautifully designed by Anne Serup Grove, the book as an object is also pleasant to use.

The book was originally published as part of the annual series of larp publications released alongside the Knudepunkt conference in Denmark in 2019.

Edited by Johanna Koljonen, Jaakko Stenros, Anne Serup Grove, Aina D. Skjonsfell and Elin Nilsen

Published in 2019 by Landsforeningen Bifrost

428 pages


ISBN 978-87-971140-01

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