Life Under Occupation


Download the book as a free PDF here!

Halat hisar was a Palestinian-Finnish larp production played in Finland in 2013. It was produced by Pohjoismaisen roolipelaamisen seura, and its aim was to recreate the political conditions of occupied Palestine in a Finnish context: in the alternate reality world, Finland had been occupied, and the game was about people trying to live their daily lives under military rule.

Life Under Occupation is a documentation book about the project, featuring photos, visual materials and articles about the game. There’s a multitude of views, from the organizers to the participants, Finns and Palestinians, writing about the various facets of the larp.

Subjects include the history of occupied Finland, what’s it like to play an interrogator, being a foreign activist, and how does it feel to leave such a game after it’s over. Many of the photos, including the one on the cover, are by one of the world’s best larp photographers, Tuomas Puikkonen.

Life Under Occupation

A documentation book about the larp Halat hisar

A collection of articles.

Edited by Juhana Pettersson

Graphic design by Tommi Kovala

Published by Pohjoismaisen roolipelaamisen seura

164 pages

Full color

Publishing date: the 23rd of July 2014

ISBN 978-952-67599-8-2

Published with the support of Ropecon

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