48€ round trip to the larp Redemption and back.

To be purchased at least two days before the event.

We will have a list of people who have purchased the ticket at the bus, to be checked by our volunteer. You do not need to print out anything.

The bus schedule:

On the 26th of September bus leaves Helsinki center at 13:00. Arrival at the game location at 15:45.

On the 29th of September the bus leaves from the larp location at 12:00. It arrives at the Helsinki central railway station around 15:00.

There’s a train connection between the airport and the central railway station. It takes 35 minutes.

Disclaimer: Arrival time is an estimate and we cannot guarantee it (in case there are accidents or something on the road) so better to leave a bit of a buffer in your own schedule. Usually there’s no issues on the highways.

The bus stop location in Helsinki is at the Helsinki Central Railways station square:

The name of the bus stop is Mikonkatu charter bus stop (Mikonkadun tilausajopysäkki). The link above takes you to exact point on Google maps.

(Photo: Kai Simon Fredriksen)