The Magic of Participation

The Magic of Participation

Would you like to spend a weekend in the world of Harry Potter?

College of Wizardry: The Magic of Participation in Harry Potter Larps documents the beginning of the popular larp series, where participants live and study for three days in the Czocha College of Witchcraft and Wizardry. What is it like to study at a magic school? How is spellcasting best taught today? How is it possible to design, simulate, and enact an enchanted world that feel reals through co-creation and trust?

In The Magic of Participation, two dozen player accounts and a cornucopia of images open up the experiences from the first three runs of the larp. Special sections are devoted to addressing player experience, analysis of larp design, and the practice of teaching magic. The book is edited by larp scholars Jaakko Stenros and Markus Montola, who have previously written or edited four books together (Nordic Larp, Pervasive Games: Theory and Design, Playground Worlds, and Beyond Role and Play).

The Magic of Participation

Editors: Jaakko Stenros, Markus Montola
Graphic Design and Cover Design: Leena Suoniemi-Särkijärvi
Authors: Maury Brown, Dominik Dembinski, Eline Demeyer, Lynne Gilberg, Emilie Hall, Nicolas Hornyak, Justine Kiermasch, Markus Montola, Ben Morrow, Juhana Pettersson, Mike Pohjola, Martina Ryssel, Christopher Sandberg, Jaakko Stenros, Daniel Sundström, Sebastian F.K. Svegaard, Rikke Munchkin Sørensen, Agata Świstak, Gustav Tegby, Anna Westerling, Nicole Winchester
Photographers: Larson Kasper, Christina Molbech, Maciek Nitka, Karolina Staël, Nadina Wiórkiewicz
Cover Photograph: Christina Molbech
Back Cover Photographs: Christopher Sandberg
Proofreading: Julia Becker, Lise Hannesdatter Rasmussen, Johanna Koljonen
Special thanks to Claus Raasted and Charles Bo Nielsen

164 pages

Publication date: December 20th, 2017

ISBN: 978-952-68777-0-9 (paperback)
ISBN: 978-952-68777-1-6 (PDF)