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Stats for polar bears and space hamsters

Jukka Särkijärvi created stats for both polar bears and space hamsters for Valley of Eternity:

There are many strange things in the Antarctic, and the giant space hamster is probably the strangest. This white-furred rodent is the size of an elephant seal, but much quicker in its movements. Nobody is entirely certain where they come from or what these allegedly herbivorous creatures eat on the glacier. They are not very bright, but they are very active. Fortunately, they are not predatory, have no interest in the penguins’ eggs and do not even compete for the same resources, though they often seem to have mystical agendas which bring them in contact with penguin colonies.

J. Tuomas Harviainen arvostelee Ikuisuuden laakson

Pelisuunnittelija ja -teoreetikko J. Tuomas Harviainen arvosteli Ikuisuuden laakso -roolipelin blogissaan:

Compared to, say, Itras By or Stalker, it is a very simple game, almost a Forge-like one trick pony. Yet it does do its own thing really well, and it seems a very good game to start role-playing with, as long as one can get past the strange idea of playing a penguin version of Westerns’ Clint Eastwood characters rather than the Western versions. It will be my son’s first rpg (he was absolutely eager to try it out, once he’d read it), and with the assistance of a good friend, will play it with him within a week or two.

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Itran kaupungin arvostelu Hesarissa

Jussi Ahlroth arvosteli Itran kaupungin Helsingin Sanomien kulttuurisivuilla 31.7.2009.


Itran kaupunki on kiinnostava esimerkki siitä, miten uusi taiteenlaji, roolipelaaminen, kohtaa yhden 1900-luvun keskeisimmistä taidesuuntauksista.

Se on myös tutustumisen arvoinen jokaiselle, joka haluaa ymmärtää, miten roolipelit voivat olla taidetta.

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